Fast Turnaround and Financially Affordable Autism, ADHD, and Combined Diagnostic Assessments

Provided by RTN Mental Health Solutions in accordance to NHS Guidelines, NHS Gold Standard Reporting, and in a Neurodiversity- Affirming Manner. Diagnostic assessments to suit all stages and walks of life from 6+ - with experience of diagnostics for women and girls, and adults coming forward for late diagnostics.

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A Statement of Reassurance Regarding BBC Panorama Documentary on Private Diagnostic Assessments - On Behalf of RTN Mental Health

As I am sure you know, there has been a huge social media storm regarding private ADHD and Autism diagnostic assessments. We are partnered with RTN Mental Health Solutions who are NOT part of the BBC Panorama show or faced scrutiny in any form of media since we partnered with them and helped them get to market. 
I take pride in the thousands of people we have empowered and given direct access to fast turnaround and affordable diagnostic assessments. Choosing business partnerships is difficult, but we are immensely proud of our work in helping RTN launch, get to market, and offer an incredible service that is supporting Neurodivergent kids and adults across the UK and Ireland.
You are safe with RTN, and I would never place my reputation, or the reputation of NTI in jeopardy for a service not fit for purpose. You can read the statement issued by RTN at the button below, and if you are currently deterred from seeking a private diagnostic - do not be.
You are in good hands booking an RTN Diagnostic Assessment through us.


Jude Morrow

CEO Neurodiversity Training International

Read RTN Statement Here

Obtain a Stress Free Autism or ADHD Diagnosis Without Waiting for YEARS on Waiting Lists and Paying THOUSANDS OF POUNDS

For parents of neurodivergent children, and neurodivergent adults themselves, gaining a diagnosis can be incredibly stressful. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and can cause people to give up.

Neurodiversity Training International is proud to partner with RTN Mental Health Solutions to bring a fast turnaround diagnostic service - that is done in twelve weeks or less, costs less than £1000, and is completed by UK based Chartered Clinical Psychologists as part of a multi-disciplinary team - who are members of the British Psychology Society (BPS), and are recognised by the NHS - and adhere to the NICE Guidelines

What Is Included in Both Autism and ADHD Assessments.

  • Diagnostic questionnaires sent, collated and analysed.

  • An online mental health assessment with a Registered Psychotherapist.

  • An online diagnostic interview with a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

  • A full diagnostic report with recommendations for aftercare.

  • A post-diagnosis online session with a member of the RTN team.

Important Information on Diagnostic Tools, Payment Plans, and Validity of Assessment, and Medication.

  • The assessments are suitable for children and adults aged 6+

  • The assessments are completed using the ADI-R Frameworks. All assessments are done online, just as they were all successfully done online during COVID.

  • The assessments are completed by a multidisciplinary team of Psychotherapists Chartered Clinical Psychologists, who are members of the British Psychology Society.

  • A full diagnostic report with recommendations for aftercare, the reports are tailored to meet NICE Guidelines and the NHS Gold Standard.

  • Just like public healthcare services, The GP or your primary care provider will have the final say on medication and monitoring. 

  • We are aware that different local authorities can have differing guidelines, always consult your primary health provider and team first.  
  • In order to keep the cost to families and individuals low, a deposit is requested in order to allocate resources and time with Clinicians. After the deposit is paid, ADHD and Autism assessments can be paid in three instalments invoiced by RTN. The dual assessment can be paid in five instalments.


The assessments are carried out by the multidisciplinary team within RTN Mental Health Solutions that includes; Chartered Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Psychiatrists. Assessments are done in accordance to NICE Guidelines, and recognised by the NHS.


Most clinics can charge as high as £4000 for a compete diagnostic assessment. We want an assessment model that is both affordable, and can be turned around within six weeks - depending on how quickly your information/questionnaires are returned to us.

We will work WITH YOU.


Most public sector waiting lists, across the U.K. and across the world - are longer than two years. Some even as much as five years! A long time to wait if you need support - NOW.

Depending on how quickly you get the info to the RTN team, the entire process can be done inside 6 weeks.

ADHD Diagnosis

Completed by UK based Chartered Clinical Psychologists who are members of the British Psychology Society, and recognised by the NHS.

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Autism Diagnosis

Completed by UK based Chartered Clinical Psychologists who are members of the British Psychology Society, and recognised by the NHS.

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Combined Diagnosis

Completed by UK based Chartered Clinical Psychologists who are members of the British Psychology Society, and recognised by the NHS.

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Terms and Conditions Including Payment Plans.


1) The deposit paid is non-refundable.
2) If you choose to pay in instalments, the following options are available:
a) Autism Assessment - £95 deposit and three payments of £266
b) ADHD Assessment - £75 deposit and three payments of £240
c) Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment - £195 deposit and five payments of £260.
3) The diagnostic assessment report will not be turned over to the customer until the final instalment is paid.
4) For any recommended aftercare, including medication, this must be sought through your primary healthcare provider or through an alternative private pathway at an extra cost. RTN does not provide Titration at present.
5) The diagnostic assessment process covers; the distribution and analysis of screening questionnaires, an appointment with an RTN Psychologist, and one follow up appointment to discuss outcomes including aftercare recommendations.
6) Second opinions, and additional appointments requested by the client, will be billable at a rate of £225 per hour.
7) All diagnostic assessments are carried out online via video call format.
8) There are age restrictions in place for specific assessments:
a) ADHD assessments are available to those aged seven years or older
b) Autism assessments are available to those aged five years or older.
c) Combined Assessment is for 7 years and older
9) RTN has a zero-tolerance policy toward abuse against clinical staff, and RTN reserves the right to terminate an assessment without refund.
10) RTN are committed to a rapid turnaround time for assessments but this is dependent on the timely submission of questionnaires and forms for analysis and processing.

Featured Testimonials - From Those Who Have Gone Through The Diagnostic Assessments

Cathy Patton - ADHD Assessment

My journey started with a callback from the CEO who wanted to make sure my query was done by the end of the day. He was very informative and answered my questions about qualifications and medication recommendations. I took the plunge and booked. The process flung into action and I followed along with the requested information etc. I got my initial appointment booked in and then my diagnostic appointment. I was dreading the diagnostic appointment but the lady put me at ease and felt supportive and very professional. Validation of my new condition. I felt a bit odd for a few days, just accepting it even though I had expected it. I have recommended the company to friends and acquaintances as I feel it is very good value for money. The appointment availability, extensive selection of highly qualified and varied healthcare professionals were really impressive. Queries were answered promptly and explained well. I think the price is very competitive and worth the speedy diagnosis. I am now starting to get support from an adhd coach and may investigate medication in due course. Personally I felt I needed the diagnosis to support reasonable adjustments at work especially as we return to the office and embark on a new hybrid working routine - something I have found difficult. I am now confident in discussing the flexible options I may need now that I can evidence my condition. Comparing with other colleagues my diagnosis has been much more thorough than theirs which were perhaps half the cost but less effective. I was able to explain things much more thoroughly than my colleague had as she just got a questionnaire and confirmation of diagnosis with little interest in her as a whole person. She is now struggling to deal with nhs psychiatrists and finding it very unsupportive. Thanks for all of your help and reassurance so far. Highly recommend.

Joanne Montague - Autism Assessment

Really quick turnaround from booking to getting diagnosis. Fantastic Communication throughout the process.