Everything You Need To Bring More Clients, Influence, and Sales to Your Brand. Automations, Sales Funnels, Online Courses, Social Media Marketing, Building Membership Communities, E-mail marketing, and all the tools the most successful ND Businesses Deploy.


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Neurodiversity Training and Learning Module Design

Neurodiversity is everywhere (sounds a bit like Morpheus there). In your workplace, in your school, and in the wider world! We can help you create the perfect, and personalised Neurodiversity training and modules, that are relevant to your school, organisation or charity! OR - we can deliver our Neurodiversity training to you. Just contact us with your requirements.

Neurodiversity Affirming Content Creation and Social Media Strategy

Creating social media content, blogs, articles and materials for your social channels is CRUCIAL. We can write your blogs, social posts, make your graphics and more. Social media is the best marketing tool on Earth, as it is free - there is ALOT of competition. We can make YOUR content stand out!

Keeping Neurodiversity Front and Centre

Neurodiversity has become the sexiest buzzword in all sections of society. Many only see "sexy buzzword", instead of the actual human and social rights movement that neurodiversity is. Through all we do, we ensure that the aims, objectives, ethos and spirit of Neurodiversity is always at the heart. This is a key component to success. We pass this on to you.

Neurodiversity Branding and Identity

Branding is a crucial part of ANY business. In keeping with the ND community, we always use ND affirming branding for our clients! This is a puzzle piece and "with autism" free zone! We always follow the lead of the wider Neurodiversity movement and allies. We can make you logos, posters, corporate sponsorship booklets, flyers, ad graphics and more.

Advertising and Marketing Your Services

With a wealth of experience in both organic, and paid advertising - we KNOW what works! We can write your ad copy, your email scripts, magazine ads and pretty much ALL advertising materials. We have invested a small fortune into paid advertising - so we can guide our clients best. We know what ads and emails people respond to, and we plug those into your business to your target audience.

Strategic Planning and Launch Services

Creating content, creating programmes, and having an amazing neurodiversity-led brand are NOTHING without an effective strategic plan. We can help you set up your marketing campaigns, boost networking opportunities, and get your new/rebranded service OUT INTO THE WORLD. Virtual launch, or in-person, we can handle it!

Management Consultancy and Leadership Development

Business is hard! Especially in a marketplace that is very fluid, evolving, and growing every day. By using both his business and social work experience, Jude works with teams to solidify their roles, responsibilities and motivates them to fire on all cylinders to boost their projects, and most importantly - have more impact within the neurodivergent community. 

Coaching Programme Creation

Since 2020, there has been a BOOM in coaching services that seek to serve neurodivergent clients. So with a crowding marketplace, you are going to have to STAND OUT. We help you create your programme, market it, and help position you as the solution to a particular ND related need that prospective clients have. You need to have a "niche". Simply saying you are a "Neurodiversity Coach" will not be good enough. Let us help you establish who you serve, why you serve them, and a polished leadership marketing plan to help you launch effictively.

Systems, Course, and Progamme Automation

It is very common for autistic and ND people to work 60+ hours in a week! Not sustainable. We can work with you to get YOUR TIME BACK. Helping you implement automated systems, automated emails, automated marketing, automated appointment setting and even your training/learning and coaching materials. When some admin things are running in the background, you can focus on what you love! Building a passive income stream is also a welcome bonus - making money in bed. Not constantly trading hours for cash - bliss.