All Upcoming Live In-Person Events and Online Seminars


Through every event we do, we want to bring extreme value to those who attend. We love collaborating with likeminded people to bring massive impact to; schools, corporate settings, conferences, and even online meetings! We are world-renowned for taking a different working approach - and yielding massive results. See all our upcoming conferences, events and online classes below.


Upcoming In-Person and Hybrid Conferences

NYC Autism Tech, Innovation And Careers Expo - May 7 2022

Join us as an in-person attendee, a virtual attendee, or as an exhibitor at the most innovative autism conference in New York City this year. NTI has partnered with the NYC Autism Community Group to make the event possible, and Jude will be providing a keynote speech. There are alternative and innovative supports - come by and see! Join us in person or through livestream.

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Neurodiversification Conference 2022 - 24th of June 2022 at CityNorth Hotel, Meath.

In partnership with Ausome Training, we are bringing Neurodiversification to Ireland. This event is ideal for HR directors, business owners, Diversity and Inclusion Groups, and more. Through our lineup of powerful neurodivergent speakers - we will provide you with the perfect blueprint to get Neurodiversity woven into the fabric of your organisation. Join in person or livestream.

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Live Webinars - Injecting Positivity, Fun, Comedy, Inspo, Brilliant Takeaways and, an all around good way to pass an evening!

We believe in GIVING VALUE, instilling hope, building confidence, and providing new perspectives through our online webinars. Nobody knows more than us that online webinars can be dry, boring, time-consuming, and the same as a lot of other stuff out there. Time to try something different! Let's face it - if all the other "autism training" you have done in the past was so effective - would you be here looking at more? All live tickets include session recording if you can't join us live.

Become a Hero For Autistic People - Free Event. 2nd April 2022 1pm-4pm GMT.

For parents, families, professionals and anyone with an interest in Autism. A free event for "Autism Awareness" Day.

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Intro To Autism -The Autistic Perspective - 5th of April 2022 6pm-7:30pm GMT

Parents, professionals, and teachers often go to negative "introductory" autism courses. This one is designed to help you start the autism journey the right way!

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Q and A With Jude & Evaleen 12th April 2022 6-7pm GMT

Despite what the autism stereotypes say - Evaleen and I love meeting people, chatting and answering questions. In this "town hall" type event - ask your questions, chat to us - 

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Autism and Anxiety - 26th of April 2022 6pm-9pm GMT

Anxiety is the most common feature of the autistic experience. If you think anxiety is caused by autism - come and join us. It is one of the largest myths propogated about autistic people. We will show you the actual reason.

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