Are you someone on a relentless journey to find answers to your possible ADHD symptoms?

We understand the sleepless nights, the endless worry, and the overwhelming desire to find the best support possible. It’s time to break free from the frustrations and long waiting lists, and embrace a path that leads to clarity and empowerment.

We know first hand the challenges you face, and we’re here to offer you a compassionate and affordable solution that will change your life.

No more waiting for years or paying exorbitant fees for an ADHD diagnostic. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their circumstances. The RTN team of dedicated, UK-based accredited Chartered Clinical Psychologists, who are esteemed members of the British Psychology Society (BPS) and recognised by the UK NHS, are ready to support you on this transformative journey.

Here’s what an ADHD diagnostic assessment service includes 

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Full ADHD Diagnostic – Out trusted partner's experienced clinical psychologists will conduct a thorough assessment, leaving no stone unturned. They will evaluate behaviours, experiences, and challenges, providing a comprehensive diagnosis that forms the foundation for tailored support.

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Detailed Report for Enhanced Support – Gain access to a comprehensive report that goes beyond the diagnosis itself. This valuable resource provides detailed insights and recommendations for schools, workplaces, and healthcare providers, ensuring that everyone involved has the information they need to create a supportive environment.

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Post-Diagnosis Online Session – We believe that ongoing support is vital after an autism diagnosis. That’s why our partners all offer a dedicated online session with a member of their team. This session allows you to ask questions, seek guidance, and gain a deeper understanding of the next steps on your journey.

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Flexibility With Our Payment Options – Finances should never be a barrier to understanding, hence flexibility is offered with the payment options, including the ability to pay in convenient instalments. Our mission is to make high-quality autism assessments accessible to all individuals and families, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our Trusted Partners

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So Why Choose RTN?

 RTN - working with communities and corporates, to ensure individuals can achieve better mental health outcomes, without spending thousands or languishing on waiting lists.

In the UK, waiting times for diagnoses can be as long as two years. Private assessments are often financially inaccessible and can have complex pricing structures. RTN provides an affordable and speedy assessment process to ensure Neurodivergent people and their networks can receive the right support.

The RTN Promise

  •  A full diagnostic assessment by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist
  •  To provide you with a detailed report that you can share with schools, GPs, employers or any other relevant parties
  •  To complete your assessment within 6 weeks of booking
  •  A mental health assessment by a registered Psychotherapist.
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The RTN Team

RTN Autism Diagnosis Worker

Dr Ann Steele

Clinical Psychologist, BSc Hons (First Class) 
MSc Oxon, DPhil Oxon, DClinPsy

Ann is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of experience working in the NHS and in independent practice. Ann also provides teaching and supervision to other mental health professionals training within the NHS.

RTN Autism Diagnosis Worker

Dr Charmain Round

Clinical Psychologist, DClinPsy
PsychD; PhD; CPsychol; AFBPsS

A Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience working in the NHS providing assessment, therapy, training, support and consultation to neurodiverse adults and children, their families, support networks and other professionals. 

RTN Autism Diagnosis Worker

Dr Renata Fialho

Clinical Psychologist, Masters, PhD
PsychD; PhD; CPsychol; AFBPsS

Dr Renata Fialho works in an NHS specialist service at the general hospital, having developed extensive experience with Post covid syndrome, depression, anxiety, emotional difficulties associated with chronic illness, physical persistent symptoms, and Functional Neurological Disorders.

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ADHD Diagnosis for Adults

£89.50 Booking Deposit 

The list price is ÂŁ895 so once you have paid the deposit at checkout, the remaining balance will be ÂŁ805.50. This balance is payable to RTN and can be paid in 3 x instalments.

An Adult is defined as anyone over the age of 18

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ADHD Diagnosis for Children*

£89.50 Booking Deposit 

The list price is ÂŁ895 so once you have paid the deposit at checkout, the remaining balance will be ÂŁ805.50. This balance is payable to RTN and can be paid in 3 x instalments.

 * A child is defined as someone under the age of 18

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Endorsed and supported by NTI

"On a daily basis, I hear of parents, families, and adults, looking for fast and financially accessible autism diagnoses. Now RTN are providing a quick assessment, at an affordable rate, completed to the highest standards. RTN is what has been needed for so long, and will help so many. A lovely team, good people, and a heart-led firm. Very highly recommended". 

Jude Morrow, CEO and Founder of NTI

Frequently Asked Questions

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