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“We believe every Neurodivergent person deserves to thrive, whether at home, in school, or at work. We are committed to fostering environments where neurodivergent individuals can learn, grow, and find happiness. We reject the notion that the world isn't made for us—instead, we embrace the challenge to make the world accessible and inclusive for all. It CAN be done.

Join us on our journey to transform lives and build a world where everyone belongs. The world CAN be made for all of us, and we are here to show you how”.

Jude Morrow - Founder of Neurodiversity Training International

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Whether you are a busy parent, educator, or professional. We have boiled down the gold and best practices into short and easily digestible courses to help you on your journey to becoming a hero for the Neurodivergent community. Perfect if you struggle with time, capacity, or commitment to long learning courses or programs.

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Obtaining diagnostic assessments for Autism and/or ADHD for both children and adults is incredibly difficult with waiting lists growing longer year on year. We can help. We partner with trusted clinical partners to bring faster turnaround diagnostic assessments that adhere to NICE guidelines and maximise comfort. Don’t wait for the waiting lists to grow to get the validation and support you need for school, work, and in life.

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Screening Calls For Diagnostics and 1-1 Advice Call Booking Links Are on The Appropriate Site Pages.  

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We tailor our training so it is memorable, fun, engaging, and not like your "usual" training days. We do quirky, we do fun, we do discussion, and most importantly we do IMPACT. Using lived experiences, and the latest Neurodiversity affirming research and development - we are trusted to bring wholesale culture change that will include everyone and show everyone that you are taking Neurodiversity seriously and committed to inclusion.

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Free Resources

Everyone likes freebies. Here are some Neurodiversity affirming and helpful freebies to help you. You don’t need to put in your email address for them either! Although, if you do want to keep up with all the fun things we are doing and how you can get involved - feel free to opt in to our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events, seminars, conferences, roadshows, and availability.

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