Supporting Autistic Children In School: Level 1 


Are you an educator committed to making a difference in the lives of autistic students?

Our exclusive online seminar, led by Jude Morrow, an autistic author, motivational speaker, and former social worker, is your gateway to becoming the supportive teacher or teaching assistant every child deserves.

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In this enriching one-hour seminar , you'll delve deep into innovative, empathy-driven approaches for supporting autistic students within the educational framework. It's more than a seminar—it's a valuable toolkit for you and your students.

What You Will Gain

Insightful Strategies

Learn how to cultivate nurturing relationships with autistic children in a therapeutic setting, beyond the traditional methods.

Engagement Techniques 

Discover how to engage autistic children effectively, without relying on outdated behavioural tactics.

Understanding Challenges

Uncover the real reasons why autistic pupils might struggle in a school setting, straight from someone who's lived it.

Learn More in the Course

Who Is This Course For?


  • Teachers at any level who wish to expand their understanding of autism in the classroom.

  • Teaching Assistants looking for hands-on, applicable strategies to support their students.

  • SENCOs and educational professionals focused on inclusive practices.

Why Work With NTI?

Expert-led Instruction

Jude Morrow brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the table, offering unique perspectives on nurturing neurodiversity.

Actionable Knowledge

Leave with concrete tools and understanding that will change the way you teach and support your students.

Certificate of Completion

Showcase your commitment to professional development and inclusive therapy with a certificate.


It could not be simpler!

When you enrol in the course, you will receive an e-mail to login to our learning portal. You simply log in, watch the short course and extract all the value from it, and when you mark the class as complete after watching it, you get a certificate of completion.

Just an hour of your time, and you will discover how to provide an enriching experience when working with autistic children. Everything in this one-hour seminar is what other courses take many hours, or often weeks to tell you.


Jude is an Autistic former social worker, best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, and the founder of Neurodiversity Training International. After realising that Autistic young people and their parents were experiencing the same challenges he and his parents faced twenty years prior, Jude founded Neurodiversity Training International to provide families both lived experience and professional experience advice and support against the backdrop of a system that has left us all behind. Having helped thousands of parents, young people, and families, Jude has boiled down those collective experiences into short and actionable learning classes to give maximum impact and happier children.



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  • 1 Hour Seminar with Jude Morrow
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime access to the lesson
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We have created a jargon-free, easy-to-digest course to fit into your busy lives and further your skillset by developing ways to work effectively with autistic children.

The course provides you with:

  • Online Seminar: Participate from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Recording Access: A recording will be available for attendees to revisit the invaluable insights shared.
  • Certificate of Completion: To display your commitment to including young Autistic Clients