Get your Diagnostic Assessment Quickly and at a Great Price

Here at NTI, we want to cut down the wait and the worry. We want to ensure that your neurodiversity assessments and diagnosis are carried out with the highest level of care and attention, by highly trained professionals. And we want all of this to happen at a price point that doesn't break the bank, with a turnaround that helps alleviate the worry that surrounds potential diagnosis.  

Simply click on the relevant diagnosis below and you will be taken to a page that outlines the costs and which of our Trusted Partners you wish to work with to ensure you take one giant step forward in the diagnosis of your loved ones. 

Online Diagnosis and Assessment of Autism

Our Full Autism Diagnostic Assessments are run with our Trusted Partners to provide clarity, insight, and a pathway to support. Say goodbye to endless waiting lists and excessive fees. With our trusted team of UK-based HCPC registered Clinical Psychologists, who are esteemed members of the British Psychology Society (BPS) and recognised by the NHS, you can trust that your diagnosis will be conducted with the highest level of expertise, care, and adherent to NICE Guidelines.

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Online Diagnosis and Assessment of ADHD

We understand the sleepless nights, the endless worry, and the overwhelming desire to find the best support possible. It’s time to break free from the frustrations and long waiting lists, and embrace a path that leads to clarity and empowerment.

We know first hand the challenges you face, and we’re here to offer you a compassionate and affordable solution that will change your life.

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Combined ADHD & ASD Diagnostic Assessment

Embark on a journey of understanding and support with our Trusted Partners, who provide accessible and comprehensive assessments that adhere to the highest standards.

Accredited Chartered Clinical Psychologists will conduct a thorough ADHD diagnostic assessment alongside a comprehensive autism evaluation. This combined approach ensures a holistic understanding of your unique neurodivergent profile.

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One to One Consultation

With Jude, an hour is a long time. With a direct and empathetic approach, you can invest an hour of your time to get the answers you could be waiting for years for on public waiting lists. Jude’s calls are the stitch in time that you need. Jude operates a policy of come as you are and when you feel comfortable, there is no obligation to block book multiple sessions and the vast majority of clients leave calls with the answers and solutions they require there and then. .

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